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Victory Over Violence, Inc. is a national organization dedicated to creating a positive force in the media to offset the cynicism and negativity, which create a climate of violence. We are the co-founders of Positive People Day, celebrated annually on October 29th since 1998, as proclaimed by Boston Mayor, Thomas M. Menino:

-W. Watts Biggers, former VP of NBC and co-creator of "UNDERDOG"
-Nancy Purbeck, "Positive People" TV show host and seminar leader

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Released in January, 2005, HOW UNDERDOG WAS BORN, by "Underdog" co-creators, Buck Biggers and Chet Stover, is now available! The brains behind Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo and many classic cartoon characters reveal the origin of one of cartoon's greatest champions--Underdog!

Just click the image to the left or go to www.bearmanormedia.com to get your copy. Proceeds of this book will benefit Victory Over Violence.

On Positive People Day, October 29th, reach out to others with simple acts of kindness:

[ ] Smile (often)
[ ] Give a hug
[ ] Thank someone
[ ] Pay an unexpected compliment
[ ] Share a laugh or a kind word
[ ] Call your mother or a loved one

Check these off your list, and by the end of the day you will feel more positive!

Be a Positive People Leader with Tools for Positive People Day to share with your friends, family and co-workers. Please print as many as you need:
Poster to share with your friends (268 KB)
Checklists to hand out at your office (255 KB)
You can support Victory Over Violence and Positive People Day. Please send donations to:

Victory Over Violence, Inc.
80 Beacon Street, Suite 6
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We'd love to hear about what you're doing to be more positive! Please send us an email at PositivePeopleDay@gmail.com

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